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Payment Method

Payment Mode

1. Customers can follow the link to the website bank remittance. Please fill in the recipient e-mail drummeroh88@gmail.com.
2. No internet banking customers can directly go to any bank and pay by ATM machine. As the ATM machine does not accept the amount which less than RM10, so customers are request to pay more than the total amount of the order. We will return the balance back in the parcel. We also can repatriate the balance to the customer's bank accounts, please provide the recipient's bank account name and account number.
3. Customers who have ATM cards can also be used in ATM machine to make transfers.
4. After a successful payment, customers can log on to this website to change the order status to paid by leave a message in User Center or SMS / MSN / Skype. We will send out parcel after receive the payment. Every Monday to Fridays 4:00 PM and Saturday 11:00 AM, the courier centre will collect parcels. An hour before it, please inform us to allow staff sufficient time to prepare and check the parcel. The specified time in our company notified, the order will be sent out the next day.

Bank Name Account Number
 Balance of payments The use of your account balance. Only members can use, by setting the line of credit can be overdrawn.


SIOW SIEW HEAP 551463050350

Public Bank

SIOW SIEW HEAP 4590705136

Hong Leong Bank

SIOW SIEW HEAP 023-50-26320-3


SIOW SIEW HEAP 7040366236


SIOW SIEW HEAP 1-01026-0098536-5


  • 7 days return policy, we only will refund for item not include postage.
  • Provide an invoice