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About Delivery

Receipt of goods need to pay attention to what issues

1、Delivery, cash on delivery orders: courier delivery, please be sure to personally control the invoice to check the goods, if the number of missing, damaged goods, please handle the return of the entire single commodity on the spot. If the order contains a gift, please be returned. Once you have confirmed the signing, we will be unable to handle your exchange or replacement
    Special Note:
  1. If your order use the account balance or voucher payment, only the amount of the returned merchandise is less than the actual payment amount before handle
  2. If your order contains a gift, will not be able to provide this service; sets of goods, you can only set of return. If it is a bundle of goods, and you retire at the same time of the main commodities to gifts returned with
2、Postal order: Please be sure to check the packaging when you receive the parcel, if parcel damaged, please do not sign, then please promptly parcel mail the original to us, your original parcel as we will handle your replacement orthe only proof of the refund. We will provide you the relevant formalities in after received the parcel. If you have not opened away the box, you can also spot all return. Surface order, receive the package, parcel damaged, please ask the post office issued a parcel damaged proveNote: Please you carefully check the invoice in the receipt of the inspection, if the invoice wrong or omitted to open, please contact us and indicate the order number, mailing address and the recipient name and we have received your information as soon as possible afterissued, and mailed to you。

  • 7 days return policy, we only will refund for item not include postage.
  • Provide an invoice