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GZBITYHN DD cream Skin Colour Foundation 30ml

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  • Weight:145.000 (g)
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It is not creamNor lotion
It is moist and not sticky, just like Haagen-Dazs, even though sweetbut it does not feel greasy. Dear, come to feel about itHaagen-Dazs offeeling on the skinsuper cool
  This is not the most cattle, the most as people crazy is that you rub on your hand, it also has small drops oozed slowlythat nourish the skin, ah, this is the thing Arab lamp, or Liu Qian magic ahAfter 10 seconds it was absorbed by skin
  Super amazing, beauty makeup essential
Results were barerelatively thin, white, and the face looks particularly natural
The most important is a good push, BB thick texture usually use only shoot open, and DD directly in the face thinly spread, skin and delicatewhite slipwater water dropsthat is not greasy
Place of Origin : Technique from Korea, Guang Dong Produced
Shelf Life: 3 years
Effect: Whitening,  Water & Moisturizing skin, Concealer 
Suitable for any type of skin 
After skin care, directly applied to the face and neck, massage gently till it absord.



【功效】: 效果比较裸 比较轻薄 白皙 脸色看起来特
别自然 最主要是好推 平常用的BB质地厚重只能拍开
而DD直接在脸上薄薄抹开 皮肤白滑细腻 水水滴滴 一

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