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Zhinuanjiazu~Kangaroo Warm Paste

  • Product Number:16356
  • Weight:35.000 (g)
  • Item No.:16356
  • Unit:Piece
  • Win Points:2
  • Market Price: RM3.50
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[Size]: 15*11cm
[Material]: Iron, Water, Activated Carbon, Vermiculite, Absorbent Sesin, Salt

Fever time: 12 hours
Product units: a
Average temperature: 50 Degree.

 Maximum temperature: 63 Degree
(6), the product benefits

One that is hot, fast heat, swelling, pain, blood circulation, widely used in all kinds of chills disease.
1, and eliminate all kinds of chills quickly relieve pain caused by disease, arthritis, frozen shoulder, low back pain, rheumatism and rheumatoid, cold extremities, pain in the affected area Yuhan rapid pain relief in patients with other diseases means that the use type of product.
2, fend off the cold warm, promote the human microcirculation, opponents, foot frostbite, bone, muscle damage symptoms such as swelling and pain with goodfunction.
3, to promote the meridian flow, heat-related points, eliminating cold stomach discomfort, symptoms such as blood barrier, with the role of blood circulation.
4, an alternative heavy winter coat, to provide temperature protection for the human body.

Seven, to use

(1) the use of vacuum packing bags before the tear;
(2) tear outside the bag, remove the bag, without rubbing, to peel back the liner, the outer layer attached to the underwear, you can pave the way by hand;
(3) After use, gently removed from the clothes can be...

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