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㊣YAZILAN~ 3D Beautiful Leg Slimming Cream 200ml

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The ingredient of YAZILAN~Super Plus 3D Beautiful Leg Slimming Cream 200ml contain:
L-carnitine -promote metabolism cycle
Argireline -strong firming effect
 Saw Palmetto, Skillet Epilobium, Pumpkin seeds, Witch Hazel Extract
-Can decrease the growth of leg hair, become finer and drop.
Deep-sea Red Algae  -Element of high class skin care product, include natural collagen nutrient, Kainate, Iodide, Mannitol, Carbohydrate, Mineral salts and others skin beauty ingredient, so can make your skin fairer and tender in 7 days.

- Slim leg (Burn fat, Reduce muscle)
- Decrease the hair growth
- Whitening
Eliminate edema
- Stimulate lymph drainage

Slimming and skin care for leg at the same time!

Lymphatic drainage
Skirt Ready can promote metabolism, use the way of eliminate edema to dredge body lymph glands, to prevent tissue from water penetration, can improve bloated and sagging leg effectively.

Won't feel sticky
3D Professional standard ultra-fine water molecules, 30 times finer than pore, only need 20 seconds, can be absorbed to skin completely, and will not sticky.

How to Use:
When use don't need massage hardly, after bath use once every night, from bottom to top, one direction, massage gently from ankle, calf, thigh till hip, massage till absorb completely.

Avoid use during pregnancy and menstrual period, cannot use on allergy skin. 
If you feel unwell after use, please stop to use. Store in cool place.


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