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Meri~Body Hair Removal Cold Wax 300g

  • Product Number:18139
  • Weight:285.000 (g)
  • Item No.:18139
  • Unit:Bottle
  • Win Points:12
  • Market Price: RM17.90
  • Offer Price: RM12.00
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~The price is for 1 bottle cold wax~
Without colour box, we will packaging nicely to prevent wax leak out. :D
Latest allergy cold water soluble wax formula contains natural honey ingredients for sensitive skin!

Epilation strong ability for relatively thick hair person or leg hair thicker parts. For limbs hair removal. And the use of South Korean technical support, while hair removal, the skin without any stimulation! 
Beauty secrets, let us together to share!

How to use:
1. First need to clean the hair removal site, to be dry, the hair removal wax coated with a thin layer of smooth hair hair removal site in need
2. Each time don't take too much quantity, if necessary, can be separated repeated, depilatory wax should try to sweep the frozen thin, rigid paper and then affixed to the skin smooth hair
3. If the skin taut, quickly pull against hair, hair roots can be cleaned, such as hair denser, continuous 2-3 times.
4. After hair removal, may be appropriate to apply skin care products to protect the skin!
Product Description: This product opponent, feet, legs, underarms, etc. all excessive hair off in a short time, the skin smooth and white. Do not harm the skin, easy to use, with a refreshing freedom after hair removal after a longer period of time are not affected by the pain of a multi-hairs, so that you can light and charming.
How to use:
1 Check depilatory wax viscous extent that if because the temperature is too low, too sticky, you can even pot over medium heat in a microwave oven for 10 seconds, or even into the hot water tank 1 minute.
2 would be a thin layer of wax coated in smooth hair need hair removal site, or coated in a dedicated hair removal paper.
3. The removal of paper attached to the skin with the palm along the direction of hair growth sweep uniform snapping the skin.
4 depilatory paper quickly pulled away against hair wax and hair.
5 Recommendation: After cleaning the skin hair removal, hair removal site painted directly on the contraction of water, can shrink pores, hair better.

Hair removal products do not choose cheap, easy-sensitive. In case of skin allergies, then too late to cry.

Please take note, this is not depilatory creams are depilatory wax.
Hair removal cream and liquid are absolutely chemicals.
Cream is corroded by chemicals, corrosion broken hair, hair follicles still, will become increasingly thick.
Absolutely Shampoo is even more powerful, direct infiltration of the dermis, the hair follicles corrosion worse.
So whether liquid hair removal cream and absolute nature of advertising boasted how mild, its working principle is the same corrosion by chemicals.
Depilatory wax does not contain chemical corrosion drugs, depending stick to hair, first soften the skin around the hair follicles, and then pull out the roots of hair and hair follicles. Hair removal effect can be maintained 1-2 months, newly grown hair growth is very slow, thin soft.
Good Hair Removal Waxing pain when not very strong, in order to save costs add only those industrial paraffin wax depilation only painful.

Not Suitable for hair removal are:
1 diabetic patients
2 scorbutic (capillaries emerge)
3 patients with skin diseases
4 thin skin
5 suffering from varicose veins up
6. Acne lesion
7 wound lesion
8 Dry Skin

The best for removing te hair is night time, after that can sleep to rest and reduce seasonal skin irritation.

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