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Sponge Hair Sticks (3pcs)10618

  • Product Number:10618
  • Weight:15.000 (g)
  • Item No.:10618
  • Unit:set
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  • Market Price: RM5.90
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Sponge Hair Sticks (3pcs)

Type : Rod

Material : Sponge

Daiso Japanese hair sticks, convenient easy to use, do not hurt your hair electric rods, just roll the hair, sleep / ventilation duct blowing,'ll be able to have a romantic natural curls.


Based on first before you can wash your hair, hair dryer, you can roll before going to bed, carefully removed the next day to take care of, they would have beautiful hair ~ ~ roll out the results vary, the relevant There are many factors - the degree of tightness, the length of time, stick with the number, wet hair or dry hair, hair soft and hard, practices and so on. This is the fun of DIY:)

Hair rod points: 

1,to roll a few of the strong to multi-volume, low volume on the natural wish of several. 
2, the volume the longer the higher durability, all rolled up sleeping all night, all day long, after tear down the next day over the volume, do not spray hairspray stereotypes than do electric stick out well. 
3, the hair is quite soft, or burns easily on the hair curl. Hard hair volume hair more than the amount of time to effect longer do. 
4, no heat, completely not to hurt the hair, easy to use.
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