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Magic Ting Second Generation Sexy Bra and Underwear Set

  • Product Number:10359
  • Weight:400.000 (g)
  • Item No.:10359-Black-70A
  • Unit:set
  • Win Points:69
  • Market Price: RM80.00
  • Offer Price: RM69.00
  • Save: RM11.00

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Colour Size Item No. Price
Black 70A 10359-Black-70A RM69.00
Black 70B 10359-Black-70B RM69.00
Black 75A 10359-Black-75A RM69.00
Black 75B 10359-Black-75B RM69.00
Black 80A 10359-Black-80A RM69.00
Black 80B 10359-Black-80B RM69.00
Black 85B 10359-Black-85B RM69.00
Black 85A 10359-Black-85A RM69.00

Magic Ting Second Generation Sexy Bra and Underwear Set

magic has a super-sensitive adhesive flexible, auto-massage to help you through the strong chest, no longer drooping relaxation, smoothing milk attached.

the thick through the chest to shore up the thin design, and chest a perfect fit, wear it, and will be able to walk around with the chest began to massage your breasts while breathing while fluctuations in the promotion of breast metabolism, and clear the meridians. 1minute is equivalent to manually massage 20 times, the equivalent of wearing a 1 hour massage 1 hour, dressed in a day is equivalent to beauty your breast whole day but is without drug surgery. Wearing this Magic Bra, you can always keep your breasts suppl & firm.

Magic button to play the role of orthopedic underwear, with increased breast line, gather fat milk package attached to prevent the loss of fat, such as the role of a great one to wear on the cup, cleavage is also out. Chest-line upgrade 5 to 8 cm, your breasts become very strong, to help you erase attached to milk, and prevent post-natal breast shrink, sag.

1 Set= Bra 1 + 1 hip Hop hip pants + a bra laundry bag (can be placed directly inside the washing machine wash) You do not need to hand wash your bra anymore!!

70A:Under Bust 68-72、Top Bust 78-80。

70B:Under Bust 68-72、Top Bust 80-82。

75A:Under Bust 73-77、Top Bust 83-85。     

75B:Under Bust 73-77、Top Bust 85-87。

80A:Under Bust 78-82、Top Bust 88-90。

80B:Under Bust 78-82、Top Bust 90-92。

85A:Under Bust 83-87、Top Bust 93-95。

85B:Under Bust 83-87、Top Bust 95-97。




syaa Say: 15-02-21 22:06
ada size 70A?
管理员[helen]  Reply: 15-02-22 16:58
hi, size 70A bagi item ini sudah out of stock, kamu boleh pilih item: 10358 atau 15571 untuk gantikan, terima kasih:D
gohpy Say: 12-09-08 16:52
Got size 75 b?
管理员[cindy]  Reply: 12-09-08 16:58
hi dear,sorry, this item only got 75A in stock, thank you for your inquiry:)
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