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Far Infrared Magic Bra Chic Shaper

  • Product Number:11946
  • Weight:110.000 (g)
  • Item No.:11946-Beige-S
  • Unit:piece
  • Win Points:34
  • Market Price: RM42.00
  • Offer Price: RM34.00
  • Save: RM8.00

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Colour Size Item No. Price
Beige S 11946-Beige-S RM34.00
Beige M 11946-Beige-M RM34.00
Beige L 11946-Beige-L RM34.00
Beige XL 11946-Beige-XL RM34.00
Beige XXL 11946-Beige-XXL RM34.00
Black S 11946-Black-S RM34.00
Black M 11946-M-Black RM34.00

Far Infrared Magic Bra Chic Shaper

Chic Shaper-Lift, Correct, Perfect! 
The Hottest New Fashion Revolution

Bra Size

Chest Measurement 


















Unique design, effectively straighten the back: 

The underwear adopts the double-effect shoulder straps to form even tension on the shoulder and back immediately. At the same time, it adopts a single piece of extra-soft alloy clinging to vertebrae for effectiveback straighteningwhich provides room for the development health, safe and effective.

With high-quality materials and extra-elasticity, it can act as the breast supporting pad: 

The materials are imported from , in which high-quality Lycra and elastic fiber from American Dopont Company included. The hyper-elasticity and three-dimensional breasts pads over 90U angle can effectively the breast to upright and chubby from disfiguration, expanding and downward sagging and it can effectively enwrap the accessory mamma under the armpits, elevate and enlarge the breasts when straightening the chest. 

Particular fixing, lift the breast and create a good shape: 

Breast shaping bra is like an outside fixer, helping to form the perfect upright shape of the breasts. Only if you wear it normally everyday, the fat will not flow to armpits and arm any more even you take it off when you go to sleep at night. And the breast shape will be maintained and not transfigure.

Far Infrared ray nanometer ingredients provide protection for healthy breast enlarging: 

Breasts shaping bra is added with a great amount of Far-Infrared ray nanometer ingredients in part, which can promote the blood circulation and strengthen the tissue metabolism.

Chic Shaper instantly transforms your bust line —without costly surgery or expensive lingerie! Innovative undergarment features a cleavage­-enhancing, U-shaped design that lifts shapes and supports for a fuller, firmer appearance.
The Chic Shaper is the new unique undergarment that works with any of your existing bras to give you a fuller natural look of added cup size. 
Comfortable nylon and spandex expertly designed with the perfect combination of form and function for amazing results and comfort. Stretch fabric and adjustable straps assure a sleek, smooth fit. Improves posture, too!
Plump your breast for an ideal body curve. Be a charming female.

Not ready for cosmetic surgery? This smart bra is designed to lift and visually enhance the size of your breasts, by as much as 2 cup sizes. No need for painful or expensive cosmetic procedures! With Chic Shaper (Extreme Bra), your breasts will instantly have a firmer, sexier and more voluptuous and lifted appearance. And its unique back design makes a great posture corrector!

  • Can be worn with or without your normal bra
  • Designed to fit all cup sizes
  • Comfortable high quality fabric
  • Straps are removable or can be criss-crossed to fit all styles of clothing



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Non-member customers Say: 15-01-18 21:56
Hi, can i know if you have size S?
管理员[helen]  Reply: 15-01-18 22:04
Hi. sorry size S out of stock ady, tq :)
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