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AS SEEN ON TV~Teeth Whitening Light 12063

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AS SEEN ON TV~Teeth Whitening Light 12063

Why choose us?  

1. Have our own factory 
2.OEM/ODM production base 
3.Lower price but better quality 
4.Good after sale services

WhiteLight™ is an amazing new system that incorporates light technology to whiten your teeth almost immediatly. The unique, WhiteLight™ system is designed to be used at home and is very easy to use. The advanced light combined with the specially formulated whitener gel, rapidly removes surface stains and penetrates deep to remove embedded stains. So, if you want a whiter smile right now, for a special event, or simply want a fast way to whiten your teeth —the WhiteLight™ system will give you the immediate results you’ve been searching for!

The main Features:

·  Easy to maintain
·  Whitens in just 10 minutes!
·  Simple to use
·  50x cheaper than a dental visit
·  Perfect for use before weddings & other big days! 

The kit consists of:
·  "Secrets To A Beautiful Smile" Booklet 
·  Advanced Light Transmitter 
·  Advanced Dental Tray and Special Mixing Tip
·  Gel and Applicator
·  2 Lithium Battery


Store in a cool ,dry place. Avoid contact with eyes .Tooth sensitivity may occur. Keep out of reach of children ,See insert for full use instructions and warnings.

Package included

·  1 x Light transmitter  

·  2 x Whitening Gel 

·  1 x User Manual  

·  2 x Advanced Dental Tray  

·  2 x Lithium CR 2025 Battery


Whitesmile牙齿亮百系统 ——亮白你的牙只要10分钟 ——快速方便 易用

产品包括:亮白发射器  牙齿盘子  2个锂电池CR2025 



1. 正常刷牙。

2. 打开凝胶瓶

3. 在牙托的上下部分的内侧挤上细小的凝胶条,只要是混在一起涂上就好,不是很严格






要想达到其他的美白作用, 只是简单地再按电源按钮10分钟周期.,每30分钟的美白疗程你可能重复循环3次,以达到最大结果.


为了增强的弄白作用, 使用牙齿美白器30分钟的疗程, 每天一次连续使用5天. 先后使用嗽口牙齿的托盘和光传送器

分离 和重新固定牙齿托盘:

1.如果你只希望美白到上面的牙齿或者下面的牙齿, 你可以轻轻地把牙齿托盘分开.







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