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Eyelash Growth Liquid 4.8ml

  • Product Number:12246
  • Weight:25.000 (g)
  • Item No.:12246
  • Unit:tube
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Main Ingredients:

bio-enzyme "EPM", distilled liquid, hair follicle growth factor



morning and evening after cleansing, in the eyelash (eyebrows) roots painted eyelashes (eyebrows) solution; to feel wet you can, close your eyes two minutes to fully absorb, such as drops into the eyes, do not worry, no side effects .




【功 能】本品采用韩国“AIERNONG”制药公司研发的生物酶“EPM”10个氨基酸构彻骨那,是洗过凝成人体组织的蛋白质的一部分。能用于制造毛发细胞并 形成组织,可激活修面的继发性毛囊胚芽组织,使处于休止期的毛囊细胞恢复到发育期的分裂增值水平,促使睫毛快速赊购那张。试用7天后睫毛渐渐变得黑 密,10-15天后睫毛更黑、更浓密、更长又曲翘,且长度不受新陈代谢影响






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