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㊣USA M.A.C DUO Adhesive Eyelash Lash Glue

~Anti-sensitive, super stick, clear~

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  • Weight:15.000 (g)
  • Item No.:13076
  • Unit:tube
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㊣USA M.A.C DUO Adhesive Eyelash Lash Glue 14g

DUO glue came out of a white, paste it into the eye until the emulsion becomes transparent completely dry (do not destroy makeup, novice applicable).
Squeeze a small amount of DUO adhesive to the root of false eyelashes passing by latex, the volume not too much, a thin layer can be.
Packaging is 30 seconds, changed to a viscous gel to a paste on the eyelids. You can also blow through your mouth for about 10 seconds, there is stickiness of the glue.
 If you want the insurance, it can be blowing 15 seconds.
The best Eyelash Lash Glue in the World 14g
~Anti-sensitive, super stick, clear~
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