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Rolanjona~Aloe Vera Acne Remove Cream 30g

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Rolanjona~Aloe Vera Acne Remove Cream 30g


Compoundend with special nature plant cream, this product is suitable for acne, pubety acne, dard bolis (black white or papule) caused by sebaceous glands to secrete vigorously or mite to the face.
Ingredients:Bitter gourd, witch hazel, peppermint, wintergreen leaves, hops, rat grass, aloe vera, Cork, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, moisturizing astringent
Effective acaricidal antibacterial, Acne Detox, activation of cells to eliminate marks color make our skin fairer
Usage : Clean our face or affected area, and then applied the pimple cream to the surface and around the affected area two to three times dailyfor first-time usersshould start with once dailyor follow the instruction a doctor.
Suggestion:during using this cream, please take enough sleep, eating more vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C, If purulent come out, please  clean with cottonto drain pus, making it dischargedthen add the product is better.
Shelf life: 3 years
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